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Dr Neil Wallman: Your Trusted Gold Coast OBGYN

From the moment you start trying to conceive, your life changes. Whether you conceive naturally or need IVF assistance, you can trust Dr Wallman to be the obstetrician by your side throughout your whole pregnancy journey.

Who is Dr Neil Wallman?

Dr Wallman’s experience and commitment are unparalleled. As one of the Gold Coast’s leading obstetricians, he has had more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and delivered upwards of 5000 babies.

Sydney born and educated, Dr Neil Wallman earned his medical degrees (MBBS (Syd), MRACOG, FRACOG FRANZCOG) at Sydney University before undergoing further specialist training in hospitals in both Sydney and Newcastle.

After working for 15 years primarily at the North Gosford Private Hospital and Gosford District Hospital, Dr Wallman moved to the Gold Coast in July 2009. Based in the John Flynn Medical Centre, he offers a comprehensive service in all aspects of obstetrics and gynaecology for patients of high and low risk. Neil delivers babies in the John Flynn Private Hospital, working on occasion at The Tweed Hospital.

Dr Neil also has a keen interest in alternative birthing techniques such as water births, calmbirthing and natural caesarians. He exercises the highest level of expertise and management for all expecting mothers with the utmost respect for their wishes. As a result mothers can expect a positive and reassuring pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Dr Neil Wallman is available at all times for his patients and guarantees his presence at the birth. He feels his patients appreciate having their chosen doctor deliver their baby.

 What are Dr Wallman’s values?

The birth you want: Dr Wallman has an open mind when it comes to letting you give birth in your preferred way. If it is safe and possible, Dr Wallman will support your decision and strive to make it as comfortable and calm as possible.

Dedicated 24/7 service: Pregnancy and parenthood are full time gigs, so Dr Wallman has set up his practice to reflect the needs of his patients. Patients are provided with Dr Wallman’s personal contact number and encouraged to contact him immediately should any pregnancy related issues arise.

Delivery guarantee: In the same vein as his 24/7 contact assurance, Dr Wallman guarantees that he will deliver your baby. He insists on this for his own and the mother’s peace of mind – after months of working together, Dr Wallman believes that a your baby should not be delivered by a stranger.

 Alternative birthing techniques

As traditional natural or caesarian births do not suit everyone, Dr Wallman encourages women to consider all of their birthing options. Women who seek methods outside the norm will have the doctor’s full support in the process.

Some of the birthing options endorsed by Dr Wallman include:

Calmbirthing/HypnoBirthing: Calmbithing is a technique used to allow women to take control of their labour, manage pain and remain calm. It can reduce or eliminate the need for drugs, shorten labour, and allow the mother to conserve her energy during the process. As a true advocate for Calmbirthing and HypnoBirthing, Dr Wallman has affiliations with two practitioners on the Gold Coast to ensure the highest level of expertise.

Natural Caesarian: A natural caesarian allows the mother to have maximum contact with her baby while still having a caesarian birth. Dr Wallman will move the baby into a safe position before allowing the mother to take hold of her newborn and complete the delivery herself. Dr Wallman is one of the few doctors on the Gold Coast who will happily encourage this procedure

Water birthing: Water birthing aids women in labour by providing mobility and comfort in the warm water while alleviating some of the pain of contractions. It can also be a more intimate birthing experience for the partner, who may also enter the bath to assist the laboring woman.

At the John Flynn Private Hospital on the Gold Coast where Dr Wallman is based, each birthing suite is equipped with a birthing bath. Water birthing is common practice at the popular Gold Coast hospital where an increasing number of women are opting for the bath.

Vaginal birth after caesarian (VBAC): VBAC is where are woman chooses to give birth vaginally, having had at least one child born via caesarean. Doctors and midwives generally monitor these births much more closely as there is a minor risk that the previous scar will tear.


Of course, Dr Wallman also treats gynaecological concerns. This is done with the utmost discretion and respect for the patient. From conditions such as endometriosis to routine pap smears and management of period pain, Dr Wallman will keep you well informed of your gynaecological health. 

Dr Wallman: Gold Coast Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr Neil Wallman and his team are at the pinnacle of Gold Coast obstetrics and gynaecology. Contact us now to book an appointment.

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