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Proven benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy

Dr Neil Wallman is pleased to be partnering with The Cycle of Life acupuncture specialists to assist patients in their pregnancy. The following information has been provided by Samantha Harris from The Cycle of Life. 

Pregnancy is an exciting time that you want to enjoy and experience that glow that everybody speaks of. Unfortunately for some women the joy of pregnancy can be a challenge from unwanted side effects.

During this demanding time the body is working hard and may often benefit from a helping hand. Acupuncture is a safe and gentle support that can effectively treat the complaints that may arise. This is fortunate as many western medications are not to be taken during pregnancy. Conditions acupuncture can aid in include: morning sickness, heartburn, digestive issues, back pain, pelvic pain, haemorrhoids, mood changes, headaches and the more serious pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, threatened miscarriage and breech presentation, just to name a few.

Towards the end of the miraculous journey, pre-birth acupuncture and massage treatments prepare your body for birth. This consists of weekly treatment from 34 weeks. These treatments will build your energy, encourage the baby to engage, ripen the cervix and relax the necessary muscles to prepare for birth.

This prepares you both for the best chance of a positive natural and calm birth experience and a reduced labour time. Participating in this preparation reduces the need for medical inductions, epidurals and emergency caesareans.

We even teach your birth partner points and techniques that can be used in labor to reduce pain and be an active part of the experience. Afterwards every new mum needs a little rebuilding and guidance to help her feel good in this new and sometimes very challenging time. We offer treatments and solutions for recovery issues with cesarean, milk production, post natal blues, energy, stress levels, weight loss and more.

pregnancy acupunctureOwner and lead practitioner at The Cycle of Life, Samantha Harris, is dedicated to providing her clients with a combination of acupuncture and other alternative medicine treatments as well as lifestyle and nutrition advice to achieve the best possible result.

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If you are interested in including acupuncture in your pregnancy journey with Dr Wallman, contact us today.

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