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Water Birth Gold Coast

Dr Neil Wallman encourages pregnant mothers to consider the option of water birthing, if this option is safe for the individual pregnant woman.

At the John Flynn Private Hospital, Gold Coast Qld., each birth suite has a birthing bath.  Staff are very comfortable and experienced with water birthing in the unit, as this option for delivery has been practiced for many years at this very popular Gold Coast Private Hospital.  At present approximately 20% of vaginal births are water births.

The advantages of water births include comfort and mobility in the warm water. The decrease in gravity and support of the water help with the pain of contractions.  As well, the partner can be involved in support of the labouring woman by also being in the bath.  Studies show that “well selected” pregnant mothers have a good safety record for water birthing their babies.

Some mothers opt to leave the water at the start of the second stage of labour and “push and deliver” in a maternity bed.  The comfort experienced in the water in the first stage is very worthwhile.  Overall the option of water birthing is a safe and rewarding option for those pregnant women interested in the process.

Please talk to Dr Wallman if you are considering or would like more information on experiencing a water birth.

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